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My name is Mark, I live in England, and I’ve loved writing stories for as long as I can remember.

In 2001, a chance encounter in a thesaurus gave me the germ of an idea which, over the next 20 years, evolved into the Creatures of Flyn fantasy series and its wider world. (I won’t tell you what the thesaurus entry was – could be a spoiler).

Any questions? Please see below!

No – although I have written non-fiction books and articles in a professional capacity. If you’re interested, I have a different website all about that.

All sorts of things!

My favourite fiction books include Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke, the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian, many of JRR Tolkien’s works (especially the First Age tales), the Jeeves and Wooster series by PG Wodehouse, and the Mma Ramotswe novels by Alexander McCall Smith.

I also love reading non-fiction about the natural world, history, archaeology, science, and (of course) storytelling.

As a child, I loved reading all kinds of stories, but with a particular leaning towards fantasy: from Gillian Cross’ Demon Headmaster books and JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series, to Brian Jacques’ legendary Redwall chronicles and a whole bunch of astonishingly inventive novels by Robin Jarvis (Deathscent in particular stands out).

It’s best if you do! Each novel has a discrete storyline, but there’s a big narrative arc spanning the series, and it’ll get pretty confusing if you don’t read the books in sequence.

I’ve written a few poems, a couple of which I’ve been lucky enough to see printed in magazines. I also wrote a short story set in Roman Britain, which was published in an anthology by the spectacular Brading Roman villa around 2009.

Eagle-eyed viewers of my Goodreads profile may notice some books which I have (for now, and with good reason) de-published: the various adventures of Filbert Nibble (Oxford city rat), The Noble Sword, and Adam Lightfoot and the Mordant Sleepers (an early incarnation of Mordicax).

My covers, maps, and associated graphics and videos are all created by the amazing Natalia Junqueira, at Dawn Book Design. Needless to say, I thoroughly recommend her work!

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