Mark McKerracher

Fantasy fiction

Creatures of Flyn – Book 2


Kestrion book cover

A brutal war.

An ancient curse.

A monster unleashed.

Terrible memories are stirred in Harriet’s heart when she finds the body of a man on Wither Moor. What was he doing there – this face from the past? And what really happened on the weird night of his arrival? Harriet sets out to unravel the mystery, little knowing how much is truly at stake.

Meanwhile, troubling rumours creep across the land – rumours of war. A retired captain, yearning for vengeance upon the murderous raiders of Kavilar, has discovered an ancient secret that could finally bring victory… or so he thinks.

As paths intertwine and armies assemble, Harriet finds that dark powers have been shadowing her for longer than she ever imagined.

And now it is too late to stop them.

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